Protecting the Peaks Together

Perfect Day for Bucket and Spade

pic4 wplaunch

The work party on Ben Nevis on Sunday was unequivocally about the quality of the day over any size aspirations (not that we’re competitive Snowdon and Scafell!!).

Glorious alpine-like weather for our hardy team of four…Susan and Dennis (Susan has just taken up the post of Nevis Landscape Volunteer Co-ordinator, they have a great volunteer ranger scheme coming up shortly) and Keith joined us from Glencoe.

We worked hard, chatted and listened eagerly to walkers and utterly relished the chilled out Sunday vibe that the Ben had for a change.

We cleared a surface of scree off the pitching from corner one and two which the wet weather and foot-fall push down on these apex areas of path. (Note snow above path on corner 2 and sitting above in Red Burn).

pic2 wplaunch
pic5 wplaunch

And emptied out a lot of choked up cross drains…and picked litter as we descended from the Half Way Lochan, of which I’m pleased to say we filled only a one bin bag between us….not bad for the first ‘official’ pick of the year, thanks local Guides and other hill lovers for your perpetual efforts throughout the season when out and about.

pic3 wplaunch

…and of course some time for kicking back and soaking it all up….pretty good day to fill our lungs with the good stuff!!

Thanks Karen at the Glen Nevis Visitor Centre for the tasty soup and goodies that awaited us after our fill of path busting…we were starving and full of the joys of a hard days graft. Magic team, magic place!!