Protecting the Peaks Together

Caring for Ben Nevis, Snowdon and Scafell Pike is an endless task but is very enjoyable. Rather like Sisyphus, condemned to roll a boulder up to the top of the hill and then watch it come all the way down before starting again, teams of volunteers and staff help to manage the erosion caused by thousands of feet and 3.5 metres of rainfall every year.

Volunteering can be really rewarding, a chance to meet new friends or to put something back into the environment.

Why not, as part of your challenge, volunteer some of your or your group’s time and help repair the mountains?

For more information on how to volunteer within specific areas, please visit the websites listed below. There is also one special event each year organised by teams of volunteers on Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike and Snowdon called the Real 3 Peaks Challenge.  This is a now yearly effort, usually in October, where teams of Mountain Leaders, event providers, management organisations and committed individuals work to help keep these popular mountains free of litter and debris and help to promote the importance of respecting these mountains and their fragile environment by improving awareness, helping to educate more people and spreading the word about minimising our impact on these special places.  Like the Real 3 Peaks Challenge Facebook page to keep updated with the next challenge.