Protecting the Peaks Together

Why Register?

It is best practice for those organising events to liaise with land managers, if the nature of the event/group size has the potential to affect land management operations or interfere with enjoyment for others of the natural environment.

We encourage all groups of ten or over to register their Three Peaks Challenge event. This will register your event across all three peaks with the land managers of Ben Nevis, Scafell and Snowdon.

You don’t need to register if your group size is less than ten people.

By registering your challenge you are showing your commitment to minimising your impact on these fragile habitats, maximising the experience for all involved and playing your part in looking after the future of these events and landscapes.

Enter your details in the form below to register your challenge.

As access rights in Scotland differ from the rest of the UK you must also complete a separate registration form for Ben Nevis (more information can be found here).

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