Protecting the Peaks Together


Here are some of the questions we get asked most regularly about the Three Peaks Challenge. We’d like to add to this information so if you can’t see the answer below please get in touch.

    • The challenge is best undertaken during the spring/summer as there are longer days and hopefully better weather. However please avoid school and bank holidays as parking and local amenities are under considerable pressure during these busy times.
    • No way! Although many groups do try and complete the Challenge in 24 hours, this is fast becoming a thing of the past. More and more groups are now attempting the Challenge over Three days. It’s as physically challenging but it also means you get a chance to enjoy the three stunning mountain regions your visiting.
    • Changeable! Mountain weather can be extreme and it is not uncommon for snow to be lying on the summits during the summer, especially at Ben Nevis. The temperature drops roughly by 1 degree Celcius for every 100m of ascent and this, combined with wind chill, means that it will be a lot colder on the summits. Be prepared, bring plenty of spare, warm clothing even if you are hot in the car park. If the weather becomes too bad, don’t be afraid of calling off your challenge; the mountains will still be there to climb another day. Visit MWIS or the Met Office for a detailed forecast before you arrive.
    • Yes. It is essential that you have the appropriate OS map for each area along with a compass and the ability to use them. Also, if you are part of a larger group, make sure that more than one member of your party has a map and compass and no one gets separated from the navigators. Please don’t rely on mobile phones and GPS units, the batteries will go flat at an inconvenient moment! You could always consider hiring a qualified guide to be on the safe side.
    • The National Three Peaks Challenge is possible in 24 hours depending on your level of fitness. However, the Three Peaks Partnership would strongly encourage you to take your time and do it over three days. This will allow you to fully appreciate these special mountains, as well as cutting down on some of the worst impacts of the challenge such as overnight disturbance, litter and call outs to mountain rescue. Please help us to protect these mountains, keep to the paths and avoid short-cutting, thank you
    • You will need to have a reasonable level of fitness along with a good sprinkling of determination. Walking up mountains is far more strenuous than on the level and you have chosen to tackle the three highest in Scotland, Wales and England. So you will need to practice and build up your strength beforehand by doing some regular hill walking (a good chance to practice your navigation skills) and other cardiovascular exercise. Consider doing the challenge over three days; this will allow you to go at a sensible pace, enjoy your surroundings and reduce the chances of accident/injury.

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