Protecting the Peaks Together

Snowdon Race

Bethan and Robyn with five of our Volunteer Wardens on our stand in Llanberis


The Snowdon Race is a big day for Llanberis and the surrounding area each year. Hundreds turn out to watch and support the runners starting from the village and to cheer them on their way back down to finish. Many are also seen on the Llanberis path towards Snowdon summit to have a close look at the runners as they do their best to cope with the harsh elements of the race on the mountain.

We as Wardens and Volunteer Wardens from the Park were part of the race this year. We had a stand on the field in the village which was a great opportunity for locals and visitors to chat and ask all sorts of questions about Snowdon.

The fog came down and it started raining by the time the big race started but this didn’t seem to affect the runners at the front as they were up and down in just over an hour! We were Marshals along the path and were divided into smaller groups at various points to help with any runners that had a fall or accident and to encourage the others onwards!

It was great to be able to help during the race this year and a huge credit has to go to the local volunteers that help on the day and organise each year.